February 4th, 2013


Weekend Summiness

I had a weekend.

We saw Xpioti over the weekend, along with her brood. We met up at the Takoma Park folk festival. We also saw Joe and Sid and Wiggles. Along for the ride came one of Hers Truly's friends. I'd like to say that we saw the festival, or even got our money's worth, but no dice. The kids did have fun, though, playing about as they love to play. At one point, I made the mistake of sitting down. Next thing I know, I'm the seat for four kids. Xpioti took pictures.

Bathroom reconstruction goes slowly. My next job will either be painting the ceiling or putting in baseboard tile. The store had almost no baseboard tile in, but I think that I can substitute some flat tiles well enough. 

I'm taking a break from novel writing. Instead, I'm writing a piece on character development. I'm sitting on 5,000 words already. I'll guestimate 10k words by the time that I'm done.