February 1st, 2013


Bathroom Refurb

I've started the bathroom refurb. Black tile has come out along the baseboards. Black accessories (sink dishes, towel rack) hammered out as well. Spackle in. Now it's time for it to dry.

This is not going to go quickly.

The eventual goal is a light pink coat of paint and white tile along the baseboards. Then we put in a nice, big mirror.

YouTube Charts

I had stopped looking at Youtube charts for music a while ago. They never changed. That was unreal. Every native listener of KC Casem knows that songs move up and down the charts. Every other type of "most viewed" list changed as well. A few weeks ago, the chart disappeared. Empty. YouTube was busy fixing robot-viewed videos. In other words, artists and companies were cheating the system and making money off it of. The charts are back now and there's been actual shuffling of who's on top. Good.