January 9th, 2013


Clara Oswin Oswald (Doctor Who Theory)

Here's my theory on Clara Oswin Oswald.[Spoiler (click to open)]
  1. Clara is a girl genius.
  2. The Daleks convert Clara into a Dalek using nanobots.
  3. Clara subverts her programming by twisting her conditioning into harmless actions. "Exterminate" becomes "Eggs Terminate", so she makes suffles.
  4. The Daleks find Clara so demented that they put her into the Asylum.
  5. Clara hacks the Asylum networks.
  6. Clara searches for a way to escape. She finds references to the Doctor. He can rescue her. He also quite fascinates her. She needs to manufacture a crisis. He'll arrive. He'll take her away in his Tardis.
  7. Clara hacks the nanobots. She has a secondary escape plan in case the first one fails. She makes nanobots that follow time trails.
  8. Clara takes over the Asylum.
  9. The Daleks conclude that Clara is so dangerous that the entire planet must be destroyed to guarantee her death.
  10. The Daleks find the Doctor.
  11. Clara tries to escape with the Doctor, but has already forgotten that she's a Dalek. Instead, the Doctor gets Clara to lower the shields.
  12. Clara erases the Doctor from the Dalek databases. This also covers her own tracks.
  13. The Doctor escapes with a split-second to go.
  14. Clara doesn't escape, but the nano-bots that comprised her did escape using Dalek time technology. They deliver her back on Earth by following the Tardis's wake.
  15. Clara reassembles in Victorian England, where the Tardis stopped. She doesn't entirely remember anything, as she's been rebuilt by nanobots, but she does remember the Doctor's face, that fascination with him, and she also remembers that she needs to escape with him in the Tardis.
  16. After dying, the nanobots follow the time eddies to present day and reassemble here there.

Everything is there. No strange explanations are needed. Once again, it's Clara who chases the Doctor down. The themes all hold. Now, ignore and discuss.

Age of the World

So, let's assume that the world flooded during the Great Flood. What does that  mean? Well, among other things, it means that all the glaciers floated away, including Antarctica. Thus, if you want to find the age of the world, all you need to do is count layers in the ice sheets, and you should know exactly when God flooded the world.

Simple, right?

So, if we go to Antarctica and drill down 800,000 layers, we get a problem. Noah clearly did not live 800,000 years ago.

So maybe it snowed more back then or different? Maybe, but is it "different" enough for the layers to be off by two orders of magnitude? Not likely. I'll gullibly accept whatever bad explanation you give me for extra layers, but I'm just not gullible enough to accept 100 layers per year. So, by beginning with the idea of believing in the flood, I come to the conclusion that the world is AT LEAST 800,000 years old.