January 7th, 2013


Sick Weekend

Miss Dash was sick this weekend from a flu-like thing. She ran a high-ish temperature, but nothing too worrisome. I wound up getting some housework done. The old ceiling tiles have gone to the dump. I assembled a table saw stand out of some available wood. (I haven't tested it yet.) I got another back season of photos posted to FB and Picasa. I also started putting away Christmas. Mostly, I played way too much LotRO. 

Miss Dash's fever broke late yesterday. She's feeling much better this morning. Meanwhile, I think the bug is going for me. We'll see if it grabs on.


I've started a game design blog http://theendhavenproject.blogspot.com/

I had been posting odd bits to my Enhaven site, but eventually concluded that a blog would work better as this has been keeping my interest. So, I've posted those random bits, back-dated them, and now I have a game design blog.

When my daughter plays pony games on the computer (MLP games on the Hub web site), I jot down game blog ideas. So far, I have a bunch queued up, so I think that I can keep making this work.