December 11th, 2012


Delay of Game

I finally got off my dufus and wrote checks for the bills. As of today, our house money should have cleared.

The old house papers went into the shredder bin.

Hers Truly woke up this morning, didn't bother with breakfast, and pulled up the blankets on the couch. That says sick to me because that what she does when she's feeling ill. She said that she feels OK, but she didn't want breakfast.  I think that she was running a mild fever. We'll see how she goes.

I've been watching through original Star Treks while playing LotRO. Since they filmed the show, rather than videotaped it, it's in HD. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't, but it is surely odd. I think it's cool that a side-affect of filming means it's HD. The show is definitely a trip. 

Jenny and Miss Dash were playing "witch" yesterday. The witches job is to make her assistant suffer, but her assistant never suffers. Flash forward to bedtime, where Miss Dash is reading a book. "Oho, her's a new word. I bet that she won't be able to read this and she'll suffer." Of course, Miss Dash LOVES this and proceeds to work through the page. Reverse psychology was never so fun.

Miss Dash has also been playing on my computer. She likes the Hub's My Little Pony games right now. I'd love to just let her play, but she's always asking for my help with something, so I get a little relax time, but I often end up playing the game instead.