December 10th, 2012


Christmas Prep

We're now starting to admit that Christmas is coming.

We put the tree up along with some new LED lights. Jenny wanted them. I think that she wants to save power. (You know, I never did ask her why.) I was just fine with my old 60's lights, but not super-wedded to them or something, so which lights got used just didn't matter enough to me. Miss Dash just likes the lights.

We found some old plaster ornaments, so Miss Dash and I had a fun time painting them. I had bought her some acryllic paints as well ($10), so we decided to give them to her early.

I spent some time experimenting with fairy furniture. I put some scraps together to make tables. I can make tables easy. Quarter inch strips of plywood make a pretty nice butcher-block table with little effort. I had noticed the look as I worked on other things. I'm fairly happy with the results. Now I just need to make some legs.

The American Conservative

Who knew I could like a conservative rag, especially one partly founded by Pat Buchanan? Yet, here I am saying, I'm enjoying this publication, The American Conservative. Why, you ask? Because they talk about subjects near and dear to them without resorting to hysteria. They actually talk about their concerns without demonizing. They actually have contributors that disagree. Heck, they even tipped their hat to Mother Jones.

So, I'll tip my hat to them and say, "You're doin' good and keep doin' it."