December 3rd, 2012



We settled on the house last Friday. The closing was mostly smooth. We did have to wait for a cash transfer, so we took our agent and the buyer out to lunch at the Vietnamese place next door. After lunch, there was still no cash, but our agent brought it by the house within the hour. The cash went into the bank. Now we have to wait a week for the check to clear and we have no line of credit. So, it's a slim week and we hope that nothing goes wrong. 

The weekend's highlight was having Xpioti's brood over for a sleepover while she and her hubby went off to a Christmas party. (I still don't emotionally accept that it's Christmas.) For breakfast, I made pancakes, and for us adults, sticky buns. They were so good that my wife promised to marry me yet again. We were perfect glad to have them for almost 24 hours, although that did prove a little long for the kids. If not hers, then ours, who increasingly wanted to do her own thing.

Heck, I was ready to do my own thing.

I spent much of the week home resting. I should really have skipped work all week and not gone in Tuesday. The swelling took a long time to go down.