October 30th, 2012

Macbeth the Usurper

Weather the Storm

We were let out of work early on Monday. The drive home was easy.

Jenny and Miss Dash baked a cake. Miss Dash rewatched how to pipe with icing  and greatly improved her cake decorating in one great big leap. I was impressed.

I took out the drop ceiling in the basement. Only the lattice work remains. I found:
  • 200 feet of green cloth trim
  • A proposal for the lighting in the Watergate IV apartments
  • Textured plastic perfect for fairy dollhouses
  • A roll of 1960's wallpaper with pink flowers and glittery gold bits
  • Ace, Sept, 1963. A girlie magazine for discerning gentlemen. Those women had real boobies.
  • A textured wall panel, or maybe ceiling panel.
  • A mouse trap
  • An empty 24 oz. soda cup

Expecting bad winds and power outages, we cozied up for the evening in our pajamas and watched Mary Poppins. Then we all cozied up for bed.

We found a tick on the cat, which interrupted the movie. I got it off badly. I think that the head is still in there. The cat should go to the vet.

When I woke up at night, I noticed very little wind. 

As of this morning, we still had power. Sandy had passed us by. I saw a few tree limbs down on the way to work. All in all, we escaped the storm yet again.