October 26th, 2012

Macbeth the Usurper

Afternoon Win

I had another appointment in the afternoon, so this time I tackled more house stuff.

I made the blue bathroom toilet stop running all the time. Now it just runs here and there. I still have a leak, but it's much quieter.

I replaced the thermostat with a smart thermostat. (The old one has mercury in it. Drat. Gotta figure this out.) I also figured out how to shut off the always-on fan in the furnace. It's now back to AUTO. I did have to move the wires down a bit, because the original installer of the thermostat was an insane monkey. So, that meant sawing down through the drywall. I got the first layer of spackling on. 

I replaced a tub handle (with the proper size this time) and got a new bathtub stopper. I wasn't able to get off the tub faucet. I want to replace our current one with one that handles the shower nicely. 

Our realtor brought over the contract, and the contract is signed. Hopefully settlement within a month.

We settled on butter yellow for the front kitchen room. Now we need to tear the room apart so that we can paint it. That will be challenging, but we can do it. After that, shelves can go up.

Still on the list: assemble the new fire pit.