October 24th, 2012

Macbeth the Usurper

Afternoon Off

I took the afternoon off yesterday to visit the dentist. I had a molar that needed redrilling. Ick. On the plus side, the dentist rebuilt my molar to fill in the gap in my molars, so I should get getting less food down there. (TMI. Sorry)

While I had the time, I also took all the dead fluorescent bulbs to recycling. I picked up a cheap fire pit and a programmable thermostat at Home Depot. I then went over to the new Kohl's to buy more underwear. I actually got a pack that fit, and somehow also got a pack that didn't. Wrong size. Crud. You'd think that buying underwear would be easy. Not so for me.

We had Miss Dash's friend Arden over last night for dinner. They had great fun playing.

While cleaning up the kitchen, I rearranged the heaps so that Miss Dash's little table was accessible. The girls wound up eating their self-made pizzas there while I had a lovely dinner with my wife.

I had a headache yesterday night, to I wound up watching the 2011 Conan the Barbarian. Good: The casting director sure did pick women with nice breasts for the topless scenes. And hey, there's Ron Pearlman as Dad. Bad: Everything else. The fight scenes were downright boring. The Tomato Meter gives it an appalling 23%. 

This reminds me of why I hate the modern fantasy film genre. We get the occasional gem, but most of it is this crap.