October 3rd, 2012

Macbeth the Usurper

Cat Food

We've been trying new (and cheaper) cat food out. The cat has spurned most of it, except for this fish and shrimp stuff that he loved. Jenny believed that ever since then, all he really wants is "more of the wonderful food." Well, we finally got some new cat food in (after trying many cans that utterly failed), and the cat got the wonderful food. He was deep purring even before the food hit the plate. So yeah, I think Jenny was right.

Jenny joined the PTA. I sent her off to a meeting last night.

We need to meet with the neighbors who want to buy the house and get stuff sorted out. Among other things, the sewer pipe will need replacing. 

I moved over the compost bin yesterday. I'll keep trying to make headway with the wood pile. The neighbors are awful glad that I'm getting rid of all that wood. I never intended to have that much. If we had gone camping two more times this year, that pile would have been much smaller.