September 12th, 2012

Macbeth the Usurper

Plumbing Fix

Why is plumbing not spelled plumming? I really want to bitch-slap English sometimes.

Anyhow, the shower handle decided that it wanted to turn on by itself, so push came to shove in fixing the shower. I took Miss Dash out with me to the hardware store and found a cartridge puller. I needed that tool, because it was the only way that I was getting that cartridge out. Fortunately nothing else bad went wrong (which can happen with Moen cartridges), and now the shower controls work as expected.

I also got my computer parts in and assembled my new computer. It booted, which is always good. Ubuntu is up, but really needs to be reinstalled. I won't do that until I can back the thing up. Windows won't come up at all. I had no expectations that it would.

Meanwhile, I am making some progress on Jenny's Singer sewing cabinet. I'm slowly getting all the wax off. I can just wax most of it after cleaning, and it should look right nice. Some parts of the top have the stain worn down, so I'll need to take off the finish, stain, and revarnish. 

This morning, everyone actually slept in to a reasonable hour. That was nice. I needed a little more sleep.