September 4th, 2012

Macbeth the Usurper

Labor Day Weekend

Jen's mom went home on Friday.

Friday, Jen reported a gas leak. The gas company came out and found it, wrapping up the street part about 7pm. There was also a small gas leak inside, so they ripped out the meter and put it outside. (I think that they just modernize whenever they can touch a meter.) They wrapped that up around 11pm. So, I had to clean up that back room again.

Saturday, Jen hacked the kitchen cabinets, shoving in three bamboo-wood drawers where a single half shelf used to be. Storage density has gone through the room. I had the tool area cleaned up enough to cut some spacers for her.

As a side affect of attempting to replace the Moen faucet, the faucet now turns itself on occasionally. Weird but true.

I was having trouble with my credit union debit card. Turns out, they must have sent me my replacement card but I haven't found it. However, I did accidentally activate it when I changed the pin on my current card. So, I was able to guess the correct expiration date. That allowed me to purchase $15 Mass Effect 3 and a season pass to Doctor Who Season 7 [HD].

I finally was able to mow the old house.

I cleaned up my headlights on my car with a headlight polishing kit by 3M. Worked as advertises. I can't wait until I'm somewhere the headlights matter. (In this area, there are so many streetlights that I can drive without headlights with no penalty.)

My neighbors had a birthday party for their 3 year old. We met some of our geeky neighbors, or their relatives. Nice folks, I must say. The chances of scaring up a local D&D game has vastly increased.

On Sunday, my neice got married. Yay. It was a small wedding in a nice location, assembled quickly because her husband is getting deployed to CA, and he'll get moving help if they are married. Oh, and the kicker is that she's two month on and next baby will be in March/April.

Of course, we had to get babysitting for the wedding. Ever try to find babysitting/all day playdates on Labor Day weekend? We ended paying for a sitter, who Miss Dash thorougly enjoyed. 

On Monday, me and Miss Dash watched Laputa. She absolutely adored the film. Of course, she's been enchanted with my Laputa storybook recently, so this was no surprise.

Our plants continue to flood us. Our tomato storm continues, and now our fig tree is hurling figs at us. I'll still picking up how to tell a ripe fig.

We also had a paw-paw last night. Those are GOOD! I had never had one before.

The Windows portion of my computer remains dead. I get a reboot even if I stick the old video card back in. I need to fiddle more, but I may need to reimage the thing.