August 28th, 2012

Macbeth the Usurper

The Cat

The cat has been something of a trial in this house move. We had to keep him inside in order to bond with the house. He's done that now. The trouble now is that his territory is new and he either doesn't want to go outside or stays there a minimal amount of time. The other trouble is that he is now underfoot more often. When I wake early to write, he's hungry and wants to be fed. When I'm making my lunch and breakfast, he's there wanting butter. It's all just more of a trial. 

The best thing that I did was to make sure that he had good access to a window. In my office, I put in book cases next to the window, and he instantly adopted there.

Meanwhile, things are slowly getting tucked away. In the laundry room, I took down part of the ceiling. I removed the tiles but left the hanging ceiling lattice work, at it remains useful.

I brushed up on how to sharpen knives as I can't find any scissors in the house when I want them. I finally found a video that actually gets me proper results. Yay. My cheap knives are now sharper. I now hate my cheapl knives as they all have bowed blades even if they do cut better.

We got Hers Truly a trundle bed. We went to Anacostia to get it. The mosquitos there were vicioius. I mean, I hurt from them for half and hour after I got chomped on.

This morning, I got our coat closet cleaned out. My parents had left some bulk bought items in it, which made it useless. So, yay, we now have a place for hats and shoes, while the bulk stuff went to the basement.

I cleaned up the tripping hazards in the bedroom. More stuff got put away. I still haven't found my robes.

The old house is mostly cleaned out. I'm now up to cleaning out the shed. I have no idea where I will put all that wood as the basement is such a mess.

The next challenge is installing a new laundry sink for the basement. The laundry deadline is coming up mighty fast.