August 10th, 2012

Macbeth the Usurper


Trouble always rears its head when refinishing.

Yesterday's trouble: my new belt sander arrived broke and hosed up in the first five minutes. I'm sending it back today. I don't have time to go through any hassles. Unfortunately, I ordered it almost a month ago, so my return window is EXTREMELY narrow. Today, really. Now I need to find another belt sander.

Last night, I did a bit more spackling, then I pulled nails and staples from the stairs. I had just started sanding the stairs when the sander gave out. As I see it, I need to do the stairs as polyurathane stinks to high heaven, and you have to open all the windows. Best to do that while the house is empty.

I also found my boombox, which had been packed away. Work sure does go nicely when you've got music playing. I tend to avoid wearing anything like headphones when working, as those damned cords just get in the way.

With all the rain lately, I haven't been able to progress on the lawn.

Meanwhile, we have Jen and Sarah down from Conn. They're visiting all weekend.

I plan to work as often as possible over there, except for Wednesday, when we go to Uke Fest.