July 27th, 2012

Macbeth the Usurper

Going to Bed

Hers Truly wants us around when she goes to sleep. Last night, that took a LONG time. I wasn't out of there until 10:30.

In the morning, Hers Truly has been waking absurdly early, coming to our bed, crawling in, then falling back asleep with Jenny. I'm usually up by then writing. There are also jaguar stories in the early morning, where Hers Truly acts out the part of the young jaguar.

When things go way unexpected, Hers Truly gets very upset. In some things, she's good at changing routines, but at others, especially when they are surprises, completely throw her off her center. This morning, Jenny was already up, and Hers Truly got super-upset that everyone was awake. 

That's our little land-mine girl.