July 26th, 2012

Macbeth the Usurper

3rd Hobbit?

There are rumors that there may be a third Hobbit film. That makes sense. If there is any time to make it, and make it cost effective, it's right now. Peter Jackson has a team assembled and working. He's got the props. He's got the actors. It'll never get cheaper than this.
Macbeth the Usurper

ME2 Characters

ME2 has many characters. Those characters are used to tell you about the cultures of the setting, because, I think no one ever bothered to read the encyclopedia entries. No surprise there.

Now, most of the characters are reasonable, but some ... ahem ... are not.

There's the main character, Shepherd, who I'm playing as female. Clothing is reasonable. Perfectly acceptable human being.

There's another human female. She wears tight clothing like most characters (males and females), and wears big-heeled boots, not unlike boots you might see on the street. All in all, reasonable enough. Wearable by actual human beings is a bonus.

Then there's the squid-head alien drawn by a masturbating fanboy. Yes, I just used that word. I have no other words to describe this character, other than some sub's dom dream. I have no words to describe how poorly this character fits into this setting. Most characters have some pretense of depth, but this one only has some pretense of pretense. 

Then there's the nutcase that I always forget about. At least they didn't give her the chest the size of the Death Star.