July 13th, 2012

Macbeth the Usurper


Started on ME2 last night. The bastards. They changed the INTERFACE!

Mind you, they changed almost everything about the game. They changed every rules system. The conversation wheel remained the same, but almost everything else is different. I'm guessing that the tactic of "max out one weapon" is out. Heat buildup is out in favor of clips. They keyboard now makes more sense. It's now a bit easier to move about your squad members. Some mechanics are just as poor as always, and require doing multiple things.

I don't know about buying/selling yet, nor equipment improvement.

There's an over-dramatic story, too.
Macbeth the Usurper

On Steampunk Banjo

What would a Steampunk banjo look like? Some fools have attempted to answer this question. I call them fools because asking the question itself is the joke.

The modern banjo came to form in the 1860's-90's. What age is that? That's right, that's the STEAM FUCKING AGE. In other words, the banjo * ALREADY IS * a steam-age instrument. In fact, it's better than Steampunk because it actually dates from that age and actually got built.

Want to see what a FOR-REAL steam age banjo looks like? See these. They look like banjos.

(No offense to the Steampunk folks, but sometimes the real thing is just better.)