July 5th, 2012

Macbeth the Usurper


The 4th went by without a hitch. We had folks over, then a mound of dishes to wash afterwards. Somehow we lost the lid of our blue ceramic bowl. How? We have no clue. It must be somewhere.

We finally got around to X-Men: First Class last night. Fun film. I enjoyed the tone.

I'm mildly hating ME less now. I'm getting the hang of the arcade-y combat system. My only goal is to peg Paragon at 100%. I've also been avoiding the plot nicely.

I'm slowly processing the fallen branches into the firewood stack. I got most of the big branches taken care of. I'm using a mitre saw instead of a crosscut saw, and it's worked out well. I may start taking the dovetail on camping trips, as its small and easy to handle. It's a beefy mitre, so I wouldn't be ruining it. That also saves me from using the damned bow saw, which I've always found tough to use.I also need to rebuild my bow frame.