June 28th, 2012

Macbeth the Usurper

More ME

I'm a bit further into ME. I'm annoyed by the combat system. I had to play one fight about seven times because I kept dying, but I couldn't figure out WHY I was dying. In the end, I got through it enough to get lucky and live.

Yeah, I really hate the video-gaminess of the combat. You have to do the fight *RIGHT* in order to win. I don't like that.

We also have this lead character that is a smart-ass all the time, and always has all the best and coolest lines all the time. F*** that. We're talking about a character with the emotional depth of a brick. Why spend all that cinematic time on such a flat character? Really, the voice actor's directions must have been, "Talk as flat as possible."

What I really want for ME is the MST3K version, where little robots tell jokes as the plot proceeds.