May 22nd, 2012

Macbeth the Usurper

Eras Ending

Hers Truly had been eating breakfast with me for quite a while. More specifically, she had been eating MY breakfast with me. Lately, she has admitted that she is tired of english muffins for breakfast. That's OK. I was only giving her them because she wanted them.

She might continue eating on my lap when she feels like it, but she hasn't in a few months now. I let her do so as this time of life would not continue forever, and having a girl in my lap for breakfast was fun.

Since Hers Truly is five, I thought that I would compare her with other 5 year friends. Most of my high-school friends, I went to school with them for 5 years. That's it. As for my college friends, I hung out with them for four years. That seemed like a long time.

Oh, it's been so long since Hers Truly mixed up her "I's" and "You's."