May 16th, 2012

Macbeth the Usurper

New Head Cook

Hers Truly planned and made dinner last night, with Jenny helping. We ate raisin bran with almonds, fruit salad, and hard boiled eggs. FYI, the raisin bran and almonds turned out very tasty.

Smacked my gaming computer around a bit more. I think that the CD drive itself is going bad, and that's the cause of the weird slowdowns, so I unplugged it. So far, so good. Strange pauses have completely stopped.

I'm back to playing LotRO. It might be a game where Hers Truly can sit with me and play. She wants to help me stomp monsters. It also looks like they "fixed" the Weathertop plot quest. I stopped playing because of this quest. It was group only, and even being 10 levels over the quest, I got my kiester kicked. If I read between a line on the update notes, so were lots and lots of other people. They likely looked at the numbers for the primary quest line, and saw participation hit a brick wall at that quest. That, and with most of the game being at a high level, folks leveling up just couldn't find help to do Weathertop as a Fellowship style quest. Personally, I'm wondering how many casual players simply threw in the towel at that point, just like me.