May 1st, 2012

Macbeth the Usurper


I've been working on our anniversary picnic for today.

On the menu: cucumber sandwiches, ham salad sandwiches, tomatoes vinaigrette, fruit salad, and home-made danishes.

I had fun making the danishes. Because they are yeast based, you need at least 12+ hours to make them, which really means starting the dough the day before. Properly made danish dough takes 3 days to make, but I followed a substitute recipe.

The wife loves them. Hers Truly ate two for breakfast. I think that they are wonderful. Good work all around.

Next time, I'll boil down the jam a bit more before I put it onto the danishes. I think that the jam did not set up well enough. I also skipped the cream cheese because the the cook is lactose intolerant. I suppose I could have looked for lactose free cream cheese. Next time, I guess. I plan on making them again sometime.

Note: I did need to modify the recipe a little bit. I think that the schmear quantities were off, so I added in more butter, which made everything come out right. Our food processor did not work as well as hers, so that little trick did not work well for me. That left the dough a tad dry as the butter did not cut in correctly. I think it was also down on liquid by a tablespoon or so. Once baked, none of that mattered.