April 5th, 2012

Macbeth the Usurper


I finally clawed my way to the end of Fallout New Vegas (FNV). Some parts of the game had gotten extremely buggy. In fact, my saves had gotten buggy, which was bad. Many factions changed status on me, I lost map markers, and perks just disappeared.

Anyhow, I made it to the end, no matter how distasteful that way. Now I get to turn the clock back an go back to enjoying the game.

When I hit level 20, I took the Explorer perk and began visiting everywhere that I hadn't found. That made me happy. I liked exploring the game.

I read a review about FNV, and this particular person complained about how many things had no quests. Yes, that's exactly the point of a sandbox game. I greatly enjoy the implied quests in the game. There's no XP bonus for it. You just do it because you enjoy it. Want to see the world? Do it. Want to make deathclaws extinct? Do it. Want to find lots of quirky things? Go looking around. 

I have to say that the Explorer perk is extremely valuable. Just by visiting marked sites, I gained six levels and acquired a large number of unique items. That's a mighty good return on investment.

I'm glad to be done the main plot. I had been avoiding and missing it at the same time. Now I can do some of the add-on content.