January 12th, 2012

Macbeth the Usurper


I saw a huge surge in my RSS feeds last week. I correctly deduced that the Consumer Electronic Show was being held again in Vegas. So lately, news has consisted of many pretty but otherwise unnecessary toys.

Still no house news.

Jenny finished editing the novel. I should be caught up with the edits by the weekend. Publication is getting close.

This month, borrowed books on Amazon picked up $1.70 per borrow. With one borrow, I think that I doubled my income. I need far more than one borrow to make it worth it.

Hers Truly is still on an Angry Birds kick. 

The cat has been a nutcase lately. He wants to be in and held far more often.

The thermostat went up. The repair guy wanted $500 to repair it when a new one cost $60. I repaired that myself, thank you.