December 3rd, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper

Reworking HTML for Kindle

I've begun reworking the HTML for "Weeds Among Stone." My art is not quite up to modern snuff.

As I'm going through formatting guides, I am reminded that I am already far up the formatting ladder. By that, I mean that I already know how to format a document from my technical writer days. By habit, I simply produce well disciplined documents. I don't have to nuke my formatting and start over. I have done that before, but I don't have to.

Right now, I'm having a few issues with the HTML cleanup macro I'm working on. Thank God I know regular expressions. That's making the job trivial. Right now, I have something messed up with the special symbols. That's easy enough to fix. That just takes time and hunting down my stupid mistakes. The goal is that I should be able to run the macro and achieve 99% of my Kindle formatting. After that, It's just making sure that the header looks right.

The Table of Contents is the difficult part at the moment. I don't know Java well enough (which is to say, just about nothing), so I need to figure out how to gather up all the H1 references into an array, then drop them into the correct part of the document.

Most importantly, I really need a Kindle to test my formatting, but I still don't have one. They are now cheap enough that they aren't painful to buy.