November 22nd, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper

Weekend Phew

The weekend started with Tai food. Yumm.

Saturday morning I made scones. More yumm.

I wrapped up refinishing Lori's table and we delivered that to her on Sunday. She was very happy with it and I made some pocket money. Really, the good part was seeing her so happy about her grandfather's table. I also fixed her chair and hopefully fixed her running toilet. 

I stripped and refinished my kit banjo. I've grown to despise the polyurethane finish that I put on it. This time around, its linseed oil and wax. Linseed oil feels so fricking NICE on the hands. That's what you want in an instrument. Linseed oil was popular on handles because it does not cause blistering.

I bought some plaster ornaments for Hers Truly. Painting them requires too much patience for her right now. But hey, we got some and I had fun painting a few. 

On Sunday night was a church potluck. The theme was Thanksgiving Dinner, and oh boy-oh-boy was the food good.

On Monday, it was house inspection. In inspector turned up lots. We're concerned about mold. We don't know how that will play out yet. We will need a moisture/ground person in to look at the basement, as well as a mold person. Our goal is to have the bank pay for it before they sell us the property.

Abating the mold will gut the basement. I think that's good. The basement needs a rethink. We'll get an architect to help us work out that space all over again, this time more workable. Meanwhile, if we have a gutted basement, many other things actually become easier and cheaper. We're thinking geothermal for the house, so we won't have to destroy walls to put one in. Likewise, we won't have to pull out walls to improve the insulation in the basement. 

We would definitely need more insulation in the ceiling. To that end, our current house needs that, too. And God only knows what our house needs. 

We wrapped up the weekend visiting Mark and Izzy, and they invited over Jenny's cousin Jeff.

Macbeth the Usurper

Distracting Distractions

Lately, while Hers Truly has been watching Diego, I've been watching Prehistoric.

Once Diego is done, Hers Truly looks over at me and the dinosaurs and she wants to watch, too, so I let her.

Yesterday, she wanted to watch more dinosaurs, so I went looking for Walking With Dinosaurs. Fortunately for me, she spotted Dinosaur Train on her own. She already knows and likes the show. So, here's hoping that Hers Truly has distracted herself from Diego, or at least chooses Dinosaur Train more often.

I also see Curious George on Netflix. That's another good one to bump into.

(You just can't jam things down Hers Truly. You have to give it to her, and she has to jam it down all on her own.)