November 14th, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper

Muy Muy Busy

What a busy weekend.

I had Friday off and took the car to the shop. I've already ranted. Well, a little reading up on that national chain produced hits with "unnecessary repairs." The kicker here was that their estimate never included my original complaint - my parking brake keeps binding. So, I'm getting a second opinion.

If necessary, I will get a great gun an keep things lubed. I can also learn to change brakes. You see, my 14 year old car is our camping car and our hauling car. We have no fear of ruining it.

I expect to spend $2k per year on my car. That's normal. That's equivalent to 5 months of car payments. Over $2k, and a newer car looks better. Translating repairs into car payments is the real trick here. 

The other advantage of paying in cash is limiting my obligations. I keeps me out of debt.

On Saturday, we went to look at the house again. See pics here.

November 13, 2011

On Saturday night, we had Fanya and family over. The living room was packed. We did about six loads of dishes to clean up from that. Lotsa good food.

On Sunday, we were the shuttle car for church. We also picked up a table from Lori at church. I said I would refinish that. I got started last night. Most of the trouble with the table was just getting the wax off. Underneath was unstained walnut. Beautiful stuff. I also need to fix some cracks and other problems with the table. That should move along quickly.

Now the weekend is done and I get to rest. 
Macbeth the Usurper

Annoying Living Room

One of the annoyances about the new house is the beautiful hardwood floor.

What you say? How could I be against that?

Well, it looks like the owners covered the old, ugly hardwood floor with a new, industrial "hardwood" floor. *sigh* I could see the older floor in the closets. Lovely. Just lovely. Not only that, I could easily redo such a floor myself. Instead, we will get the more industrialized style of floor. That style of floor looks nice, but it's just not quite so fun.

I know. I'll pull up the floor upstairs and install it on the ugly floor DOWNSTAIRS.

(Allright. I haven't even bought the house yet and my wife's gonna kill me. :P)