November 9th, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper

Housing Twist

In a twist on the housing, this may just be a fast short sell.\

Previously, someone put a bid on the house. Everyone did all the paperwork. The bank signed off on the short sale. When the deal was mostly closed, parties could not agree on a price. That sell fell through. As a result, the bank has already approved the short sale, so moving to settlement won't have to wait on the bank paperwork. In other words, this purchase will act like a normal house purchase. Wow. Things will be moving faster than I thought.

Aspen Hill, here we come.

In non-house news, we dug up the sweet potatoes. We got about three pounds. Hers Truly helped me to dig them up, which usually meant getting in the way. Ah, father and daughter bonding. After that, I kept working on the winter super-short grass mowing. The backyard is now done. I mow extremely short in order to make raking easier.