October 3rd, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper

Rainy Weekend

It was my intention to mow the lawn over the weekend. Instead of some rain, it pretty much rained all the time. No lawn mowage.

I wrapped up my oak axe handle. I put in the wedge and called it done. A layer of boiled linseed oil made the handle feel real nice. I still need a metal wedge in top, but that's just a few seconds of work. I also stripped the finish off some existing tool handles and refinished them as well with boiled linseed oil. Dang, that stuff is nice. Next up, I need to strip and redo the rake handles, as raking season fast approaches.

According to the wonks that know, boiled linseed oil is great for tool handles and help prevent blisters. 

I started on another axe handle. This is for my lighter axe head. One of the branches that I picked off the neighbors turned out to be hickory, so I split it and now I'm shaping it. I put far, far more effort into getting the piece even, level, and untwisted. This was far easier to do with hickory than oak. Now I'm ready to start shaping the handle. Total work time so far is far, far less than that oak handle.

I put my draw knives to the test with the new handle. They need more sharpening. They need lots more sharpening.

I finished hewing my log section. Next I get to plane it down a bit. Once that is done, I can start cutting it into blanks for tool handles, which should also be useful for small projects. I'll have hickory handle blanks until I die of old age. However, that will only be for one-handed tools. I have not yet begun forming blanks for the longer handled tools.

I found the fru-fru woodworking store near me. It was a good visit. I found some hole boring bits for 50% off. I should not have bought them, but at 50% off, who would say no? I know that I'll use them sooner or later. 

Hers Truly went to dance with Herself in a dance class. I had fun chatting with Xpioti, who I never get to visit enough.

Jenny went on the solar house tour and had herself some fun. On Sunday, she went to a memorial service for a deceased church member. Hers Truly and Myself went to church on our own.

On both days this weekend, I let Hers Truly watch videos in the afternoon. She likes to curl up and watch laying down. My evil plan worked, and she napped on both days. So did I.

Macbeth the Usurper

Phone Upgrade Blues

It's phone upgrade time again. I am eligible.

The bad news is flip phones. As long as I want a lowest-end cheapie, I can have any flip-phone that they are willing to offer me, which isn't much.

I could get an Android phone. Do I really want one of those things in my pocket? My current phone is 9mm x 4.5 mm. That's the biggest phone that I've owned yet. Do I really want another inch wide and another inch longer? Really?

Then there's the extras issue. It seems like every that is not a smart phone has fallen behind on every measure. 

Why are smart phones doing well? They carriers offer bigger discounts on them, filled with more features, and offer continuously worse alternate options.


Maybe I'll dump my current phone and go back to my smaller, older phone.