September 29th, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper

Bench Planning

I finished salvaging the wood from the pine pallet last night. Good stuff that. I got some very good slats out of it. Now, I can cobble together my sawbench. I need the sawbench so that I can process my hickory logs.

My drawknives came in. They should spruce up nicely. They range from terrible to pretty good, although even the terrible one will have its uses. It's narrow, for carving out those curved pieces. In practice, I have a very handy set. I have a wide blade, a medium blade, and a  narrow blade. It will be a while before I can give them a good testing out. I have to get them crazy-sharp first, then I have to make some sort of shave horse or sawhorse stand to work at.
Macbeth the Usurper

On Computer Development

Years ago, I worked out a process of computer development. I am pleased that this basic enough theory has held up.

In short, as long as computer has more power, programs would require more power.

Of course, there can't always be more power. That curve will end. At that time, computers would have to look at other ways of getting along.

First, there is specialty hardware. That hardware would do special tasks better than the main hardware. Example: Video Cards

Next, there are other efficiencies which I don't remember.

The last efficiency to occur would be the OS getting efficient. Microsoft nicely showed that with Vista, which anticipated more power, but that more power never came. Now, with Windows 8, they wrote it with no anticipation for more power.

Although computational power has increased, the power of computers has no increased, or has even decreased (such as smart phones and tablets). We are at the point where raw power has no payoff for a large segment of the population.