September 20th, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper

Tooling Up

I spent a little time on goals last night. I've not been accomplishing much. 

Got all the bills paid and out the door .Yay.

I got my smaller hickory log cut to size, and is now a workable up-ended work log. Its job is to sit there and be a lump. It would have been easier with a chainsaw, but my reciprocator finally made it through.

I also took some time with the new oak axe handle. That is taking a while. The oak has been drying, making my job more difficult as I go. Still, I am making progress. It's been a nasty task straightening it and untwisting it. It's still a little unstraight and twisty, which is disheartening. It also thickens a little from one end to another.

A high priority is sorting through lumber and figuring out what stays and what goes. I've got a tottering pile of stuff in the shed. What's worth keeping, and what will I never use? It's hard to say.

On the meta-project list, there's some tools that I want to make. One is a shave horse, and the other is a sled for my table saw. 

I've ordered a few more tools. Coming in should be a carptenter hatchet and some draw knives.

I curse all the directions that woodworking can take you. Each one requires different tools.