September 11th, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper

New Hatchet

I bought myself a new-to-me carpenter hatchet via ebay. Not only that, it came with an axe head without a handle. Whohoo. Project.

I cut the wood from the branch yesterday. The results were very so-so. I did not spend enough time making sure that the log bottom was level. Some boards came out straight. Some boards came out twisting. Most annoyingly, the saw (5" depth) was no match for the log (8" depth). Still, I got about four-five oak board from it. I may or not make something out of them.

I made a new mallet yesterday. It's for splitting wood. Oh my, oh my, I split my second log with it and did that ever work well. I made the mallet big and awkward for one hand. Two-handed, I really smacked those wedges. Now I need some wedges.

The branch section that I had usually split with a twist about 3/4 down. Dang-it. I wanted to get longer boards out of that. Still, they might work well enough to be legs for a second saw bench. I'm now torn about it. It won't look as pretty as I imagined.

I did some more shed clean up. I pulled out the metal shelves and left them at the curb. I put up our plastic shelves in storage. After I put everything away, I did not seem to get any more room. Weird. I hate sheds that way. Plus, bicycles always take up absurd amounts of room. So, more work yet to go.

Jenny has been busy assembling shelves for Hers Truly's art supplies. Boards + cans as risers. Hopefully it all works.