August 18th, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper

County Fair

It was county fair time again yesterday. Tractor pulled tram got ridden. Dog show got watched. Cotton Candy, corn dog, and ice cream got eaten. Ferris Wheel got ridden. Girl rode many rides.

Phew. Hot day, too. Then again, what else did you expect for August?

I've resuccitated a few tools with my new found sharpening fu. I can't make them shaving sharp yet, but my hand planes now work, as oppose to not work. Same with the chisels, except that those things have a terrible plastic coating on the outside that makes sharpening them rather irksome. I also did a round with the cooking knives.

I think that the novel needs another round of polishing. I was aiming for a September release, but I may need to push back to October. That won't delay the next novel, however, as the two are in two very different stages. I can easily plot while Hers Truly watches Strawberry Shortcake. I only need about half-an-hour of plotting  per day to make progress.