August 3rd, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper

On Friends

I sometimes talk about my difficulty making friends. In the end, making friends is not about how many friends I have, it's about having the friends who I want to make my friends. It's about having circles that enjoy my company. It's about having people where I can express my joy at their company.
Macbeth the Usurper

Wild Ride

This year in child raising was a wild ride. It was phenomenal.

Last year, Hers Truly was mostly Action Girl (tm). Then, something strange happened. "Daddy, do this. Daddy, draw that." That would happend for a bit, then she would start doing that thing for herself. She went from being Action Girl (tm) to being Inter-Action Girl (tm). (It was a power-up, I assume.) Now, she's still the same person, but she's the same person with a whole new dimension, if not two.

I have a hard time putting this all into words. Her sophistication with interaction simply exploded. What and how she learned simply exploded.

Interestingly, some things stay the same. When Hers Truly went camping with us, the way that she wiggled as she tried getting to sleep was exactly identical to how she wiggled about when she was 9 months old. The way that she climbs the rocking chair behind me has stayed the same. Trust me, reading can be quite a physical adventure.

Neck rides are also in fashion. "I'm going to climb my daddy to the neck," is the usual attack call. It can get tricky, but she's learning how to not get off, although sometimes she does take a header getting down.

Hers Truly is just starting to get reading. The first penny has dropped. She's not reading yet, but something about reading is making sense.

Of course, there are still challenges. I am still convinced that she'll be an aerialist. She certainly loves climbing, and she has gotten rather good at it.