July 30th, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper

On Ponies

 Hers Truly has a rule: all ponies must have haircuts. This is very important. At first, she took out her scissors and tried to give her ponies haircut, but that did not work well. So, she wen to plan B and asked daddy to do it. So, I patient gave an entire herd of pretty ponies haircuts. Not one hippy-pony survived, and each was given a tasteful haircut.

Fortunately, we get all our long-haired ponies from the thrift store. We get a herd for a few dollars. Did you know that some ponies have magnets on their feet? Yes, that's how we get ponies on our fridge. Who's the genius who thought of that?

Jenny and Hers Truly went up Connecticut way this weekend. Jenny succeeded in forgetting both her travel chargers for the DVD player, which goes straight into the DOH category.

Black Prophecy finally got patched and I could play again. Yay, I now have a free space shooter. This is the one part of Star Wars Galaxies which I kept missing, so now I have my joystick fix.

The film last night was Kingdom of Heaven. Very allegorical. If you are a costumer, this is a wonderful film. I adore it simply because it did not try to put the past into sepia tone, and limited it's tendency to put everything into all brown. It was still too visually dull, because we humans love color and use it whenever possible, but certainly beat the snot out of other recent pseudo-history films in that regard. I immensely enjoyed the army scenes. In many other ways, I called bullshit on the film. Still, enjoyable for what it was. It's a good film to write metaphor papers. 

No real agenda this weekend.
Macbeth the Usurper

Not Moving yet

I have no plans to move off LJ yet. If I do, it doesn't matter where I go. My audience is small at best. So, with that logic, it's just as easy to stay here. My blog has always been been off to the wayside. Quit honestly, my main reason for blogging now is to have some sort of record about when my daughter was young. If I move onto anywhere, it's likely to be Google Blogger.

At one time, my blog was about community, but my community was always rather small and uninsulated. I attracted few friends. That has always been true for me. I can watch people enter my social circles, merge in, and become part of that circle, while I can only make it into the periphery and stay there. I envy how those people can make friends. I envy how people want to make friends with them. In my life, that situation has never been true. Changing blogs won't change that dynamic. So the "community" thing that LJ or DW offers gets me nothing.

Changing blogs will also not solve the problem that I don't know who people are. Really, I can go to any friends list and have no idea who is on their friends list. I presume that I must know some of those people, but they remain a mystery. So, a find an pickle and egg problem. I still don't know my way into those social circles.