July 13th, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper

Tension Makes a Tangle

 NetFlix is going up in price. Hers Truly watches streaming. Their children's section is deep enough that streaming more than earns its keep. The trouble with streaming is that it's selection is relatively shallow.

As for DVD's, we don't watch them much, but the selection is very deep. The pricing is still such that an entire year of DVD's is still cheaper than buying several series, with the added bonus that we don't have to store the disks after we watch them.

Meanwhile, I tried Hers Truly on several more films. That sounds easy, but Hers Truly keeps having problems with tension. That is to say, if there is tension, she can's stand the tension. So even relatively easy films, like March of the Penguins, have far too much tension.

A trip to the park last night netted us the last three raspberries of the season. Hers Truly is now sliding the the big, yellow tube slide. Yay. She had been afraid of it. If she had a bad experience, she tends to remember it for an extremely long time. I'm glad that she's now doing the yellow slide. She's also much stronger this year, and is able to climb more difficult things.