May 23rd, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper


Busy weekend here at the ranch. Brother in-law + family came in from Singapore. Cousin Version 1 had a great time playing with Hers Truly. Cousin Version 2 now has two bottom teeth. The girls knew each other via Skype, so when they saw each other, they went straight into playing. We all had dinner at the iHop, and then dropped off the travelers in DC.

On Saturday, family came over our house. Great fun was had. The house actually got cleaned up and picked up (thanks mother-in-law). The girls played. Mid-day, the jet-lagged went down for naps.

Sunday, Hers Truly sang with the youth choir again. This was the last performance. Jenny made cupcakes with musical note decorations. I wound up playing Castle Ravenloft in Baltimore.

The sound-file correction goes apace. My tools are not stepping on each other. My most important job is normalizing and getting rid of numbers in the genre field. I have too many players that get confused by this technique. Anyhow, I don't like the genre field. What you really need is a genre table.

My main tool is MP3 Diags. I ran it all day Friday and Saturday getting rid of most errors. MP3 Diags handles over 25,000 files, so once I learned that, using it became far easier. I also mount my laptop on my Ubuntu box, which greatly expands my correction tools.