May 18th, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper

Catch Up

Over the weekend, we went down to Chicoteague and visited Assateague beach. (Are those spelled right? I don't think so.)

We shared an efficiency motel room with Marty and Alberto and Marissa from Jenny's church.Marissa is Her's Truly's age, and they got along fairly well. The trip was an annual beach trip at Jenny's church.

The beach was awful on Saturday. Truly despicable. Just too cool for my taste, and a non-stop wind. On Sunday, the breeze calmed and the weather warmed, making that a good day.

On Saturday night, I dumped Lactaid down my throat and actually ate bad pizza and good ice cream. Wow. I sure did miss bad pizza and good ice cream.

After we go home, Jenny took Hers Truly up to visit my parents overnight. They had fun visiting the pretzel and potato chip factories. Hers Truly had a great time with her grandparents.

Meanwhile, the FiOS people came and gave us fiber. We now have uber-internet. (Whatever that means.) As best as I can tell, NetFlix streaming gets snappier, and might better handle two streams, but the increased speed only makes a finite differences.

Meanwhile, I've decided to start recording stories as I tell them to Hers Truly, with Hers Truly getting perverse and not really wanting stories. Arrgh!