April 29th, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper


I'm ignoring the overly-televised wedding today. Really, beyond that, I do not want to know. Don't we have a war or something else to cover?

We had a good outing to the park last night. Hers Truly has truly excelled at swings in just the last month or so. Even just a few weeks ago, she did not maintain energy well. Now, she swinging like a maniac. Ah, the little ones do grow, don't they? I won't be called upon to swing her any more, which is both good and bad. You do get used to doing those small things and miss them when they are gone.

Retuning the banjo is her new obsession. Perhaps I should say, de-tuning the banjo is her new obsession. Those little knobs turn. I don't care about the strings at the moment, as they are all old and need changing.