April 12th, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper

Dad's 80th

Dad had his 80th birthday over the weekend. It was a surprise party for him. Everyone (of the usual everyones) turned up. Mom dug up a new peacoat for me. $230 marked down to 30. More amazingly, it even fit. Mom also gave Hers Truly a ceramic dancer music-box statue which plays "Somewhere My Love." She had painted it in the 70's when she did ceramics. Hers Truly adores it, and even wanted to sleep with it.

Sunday, I ran the next installment of my Gamma World game.

My big project right now is sorting out my CD's. Some of my music has inexplicably disappeared from my iTunes. In order to re-rip CD's, I've had to actually FIND those CD's. So, I need to sort them.

By whatever god you worship, how did I wind up with so many bands that began with the letter B?

I should be done this sorting soon. I just forget how many blinking CD's I have. Wow.

Shutdown averted. I would have been essential, so life would not have changed for me. Radiologists have to keep on reading, which means keeping their systems going.