March 8th, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper

Sweet and Sour Weekend

On Saturday, Hers Truly and I baked a princess cake for Jenny's birthday. I made a chocolate cake and chocolate-coffee icing from scratch. We had lots of fun making it. As a rule, I have to put a time limit on Hers Truly or she will decorate forever. Jenny adored the cake.

I came down with something on Saturday night. Owwww. Tummy pangs. Jenny came down with the same thing on Sunday. That laid us both for a loop. So far, Hers Truly has escaped. I wound up on child care yesterday.

We wrapped up Dr. Who Season 5 last night (except for the most recent Christmas special). As usual, the season wrap was way over the top with the bullshit limiters turned off and believability index turned to Zero. That was the most brass-balls end-of-season reboot that I ever saw.