February 11th, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper


Hers Truly likes strapped dresses. In fact, they are far and away her favorite dresses, which presents us a conundrum as we are in the middle of winter. We often have to disagree with her clothing choices for going out. (I guess we'll just need to get used to this.) Getting a coat on can be a challenge.

Piggy slippers are also very important. She adores her fuzzy piggy slippers, but loses them every morning. They are usually somewhere around the bed, but it is always a major expedition to actually find them.

Sleepwear is a variety of dresses that have been co-opted into sleepwear. One is a strapped dress that is just too short to wear without pants. Another is her all-time favorite black dress. Her grandmother bought her a flannel sleeper that is rather soft, but it is not so favored as the other two dresses. She did wear a couple slips for a while.

Pajamas? NEVER. My running "threat" is always, "If you don't choose, then I get to choose, and I will always choose the yellow pajamas." This gets the response of "Why?", to which I answer, "Because I am a cruel daddy."

Just last summer, Hers Truly asked permission to come out of the bedroom in the morning. Now she wanders out, almost always in time for breakfast, so we share my english muffin and a banana, and we have a good time. I do my best to treasure these as this pleasure can not continue.

Sometimes we have pancakes in the morning, then she insists that she is a sticky pig and must have a bath. So, those are early bath days. That way, we don't have to juggle bath after dinner. That makes life easier.
Macbeth the Usurper

Instant Messaging

This is an honest question. I spent many years running around and never sitting at a desk. Does anyone IM any more? Or is that just an archaic technology now? I have no clue how to get back into that, which services are most popular, or even who I would make friends with.