January 27th, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper


I spent yesterday at home, fearing slush more than snow. That was good, as Jenny had to run errands and school was canceled for Hers Truly.

I understand that the commute home was a nightmare. I'm glad that I missed that mess.

We had branches come down in the wet-wet snow. One took out our cable. I haven't used cable in fifteen years, so I don't care. I'll cut the wire at the power pole and forget cable for more years.

We kept power for quite a while. It didn't go until 9pm. I was honestly surprised that it took that long to go. We normally go early. As it was, while we were outside in the evening, after dinner, we saw blue flashes every few minutes. Transformers were blowing at a fairly regular rate. Power didn't come back until this morning at eight.

Driving in was fairly easy. There were a few downed branches and some abandoned cars, and lots of dark lights, but the traffic was light and the roads were easy.