January 24th, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper


The weekend rolled along well enough.

Hers Truly demanded "pretty dinner" for Friday, so we pulled the table out and had a candle-lit dinner. It was nice.

On Saturday, we went to Mark's Kitchen and had dinner with Liz and Phil and their in-town friend Abbey. I saw Hers Truly eat something potato that wasn't a french fry. OK, it was a wedge-cut french fry, but still Amazing.

I'm still playing Fallout 3. I had to back out the game to last week. The Broken Steel add-on content added both 10 more levels and some ungodly powerful monsters. These new top-monsters just assume that you are using the most powerful weapon and using your most powerful ally. That combo made the game immensely un-fun for me. The game was far more fun when I could actually make meaningful choices, and I had more tactics than "pump em full of lead, reload, and pump some more."

As it stands, I can dominate the game in some areas, but if I make too many mistakes or miss something, I can wind up in a world of hurt very quickly. That's a GOOD place to be. There's just enough danger to make the game interesting. So, I'll play through that content for a while while stuck at level 20, then I'll play Broken Steel again when I'm ready for wrapping up.