January 18th, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper

Weekend Warrior

Last Friday, my wife's Mac died. The hard drive went bad. Her novel is on the hard drive. Yeah. Exactly.

Fortunately, I still had all my setup from the last time that I changed my own hard drive. Disk Warrior salvaged her data. I popped in a spare 120gb SATA, then upgraded her to running 10.5. By that evening, she could write again.

I started running a Gamma World campaign on Sunday. The game began roughly. I did not do my job well. Note that with my game group, lackluster role-playing is the norm, so to fall below that takes a bit of work, and to rise above that takes extraordinary work.

On the game front, I mass havoc in Fallout 3.

On the video front, we've gotten through the next disc of Doctor Who, Season 5. It's a good start. No spoilers here. We've had fun pointing out the issues raised with the first few episodes, and what that means. We don't know the answers, but we did have fun catching things.

Since Hers Truly is not napping any more (except by chance), Jenny has instituted "quiet time." That's a short break in the day.

We are planning Hers Truly's birthday party. Yikes. We finally have to throw a real one, and it's too many kids for the house.