January 3rd, 2011

Macbeth the Usurper

New Year Ahoy

Wrapped up the New Year by watching Rudolph. We concluded that Hers Truly would never watch it, as it was just too tense.

Hers Truly attended a birthday party at a bowling alley yesterday. 4-year-olds and bowling alleys do not mix. At one point, where I stopped to take a picture, Hers Truly ran many lanes down and made herself unwelcome. As it was, she ran the length of the alley quite a few times. A handful, true, but otherwise Hers Truly was quite well behaved.

This brings up a question of Hers Truly's birthday. Where? When? How? Who knows. That makes my brain hurt.

Hers Truly has had a tough time sleeping lately. Going to bed has become traumatic again. We'll work through it.

Jenny and I finally finished our little Pixar marathon with "Bug's Life." Now, we can move onto last season Dr. Who. (Yes, I am dying to know what happened. Avoiding spoilers has been difficult.)

Nothing on the horizon for the coming year. I have no new goals. Maybe replacing a car. Maybe replacing a laptop. Maybe replacing nothing.

I hope to have my next book ready in September, as I want to write one per year, but I think that I will miss my self-imposed deadline. It won't take the 2.5 years that the first book took, mostly because I know far better how I work.