December 26th, 2010

Macbeth the Usurper

Christmas Wrap

Christmas went well.

Hers Truly loved getting a chocolate Santa in her stocking. She could not stop talking about it. Oh, and then there were the OTHER presents.

We made sure that Hers Truly discovered the crumbly remains of Santa's cookies. He ate them.

Santa brought Hers Truly a little green girl bear, who was put onto the bed and immediately forgotten. She also got a new dress-up dress. Jenny made a very pretty Tudor-style for her. Jenny also cut down a purple quilt for her bed and gave that to her. (Jenny was a busy sewer this month.)

Interesting loot for me: Chased by Dinosaurs DVD, a new spatula, and a new coffee press to replace my recently broken coffee press.

Hers Truly made us Christmas ornaments at a ceramic paint-it-yourself store. Those shapes are now hanging on the tree.

For breakfast, we had pancakes. I made sure to use my new spatula.

I took time to work on the leaves. They still aren't done. I used to mulch them with a mulching mower, and I got them done quickly, but now we are stuffing them into composters, and that takes alot more time. Still, I was behind and there's more snow coming, so I brought out the mulching mower to chop down the size of the big pile, and to just clean up the back yard, as I ain't raking no more. I still have a big pile to go. *sigh*

While watching videos in the afternoon, both Hers Truly and I fell asleep. I awoke to find my daughter splayed across me and my right arm. She hasn't fallen asleep on me since she was 10 months old. It was very sweet, and exactly as limiting as it always was. I did free my left arm, Jenny fetched my wireless mouse, and I amused myself for a while.

Jenny had a wonderful idea for Christmas dinner. She wanted something fancy, so we brought out the nice table things and candles. It was so pretty that Hers Truly was absolutely enchanted. The dinner was wonderful. Mashed potatoes, Romanesque cauliflower, ham steak, and orangy salad.

For dessert, we had figgy pudding, just like the song. We broke out our ice wine to go with it, and was this stuff ever delicious. (I hate all wine, so hitting delicious tells you something.) Dessert was just wonderful. (For those who are curious, we had a cakie figgy pudding, not a custardy figgy pudding.)

You get lots and lots of figgy pudding when you make it. The reason that wassailers asked for it was because, if you made it, you would most certainly have leftovers. Anyone on the planet is welcome to come over and have some with us.

Today should be more quiet, and maybe some snow. Flurries yesterday. Three inches or so today. Nothing planned, except another Magic Schoolbus marathon.
Macbeth the Usurper

Movies that Scare

(I never can remember how to spell 'scarey'. It always types out wrong. It should be 'scary.' )

Anyhow, Hers Truly does not like certain parts of some movies. They are scary. She will avoid the whole film because of those part. Parts that scare, are tense, and especially anxious are shunned. She doesn't like them at all. She still needs to watch more even-tempered things.

For example, she avoids Totoro because Mei gets lost.

So I told her how some movies made me scared when I was little, especially the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz, and the Childcatcher in Chitti Chitti Bang Bang. Now she likes hearing that story, over and over, too.