October 25th, 2010

Macbeth the Usurper

Weekend Roundup

On Thursday night, we at with Jenny's dad, along with her brother Mark and his squeeze Izzy.

Friday night was dinner at a packed Silver Diner. I haven't seen it this crowded in a long time. They'll be moving in a few week up the road to where the Bennigan's used to be. We tried to figure out why, as their current venue was pretty good. My bet is that they had building codes to meet, and once you calculate the cost of closing down, losing money, rennovating, then opening again, it was just easier to build a new place and move.

Joy picked up a cough for Saturday. She hacked her lungs out. On Saturday night, we went down for dinner with Mark, Izzy, and their roomies.

Sunday was D&D and the ever-depressing Savage Tide campaign.
Macbeth the Usurper

Savage Tide Woes

We've been playing Savage Tide in 3.5 D&D over the last few years.

Time to rant.

I have never played such an unforgiving game of D&D in my life. At 6th level, we have yet to kill a single villain. They all get away. And after that, we usually find ourselves in deeper trouble than we started. Who made up this grind fest? Really? Does a game need to that unforgiving that you heap more and more shit on your player characters, but never reward them with a completed task?

Hell, we've barely gotten any treasure in an adventure known for being challenging to well-versed D&D players, and we are NOT a well-versed group.

Every time someone dies, we get 1st level characters to replace them. That's a double-whammy. At 6th level, we are still getting 1st level replacement characters. So now we have low-leveled, under-treasured characters with under-skilled players playing an extremely-challenging series of adventures.

Yeah, there's a trainwreck for you.

On top of that, this is a politics heavy game, and we're as subtle as a shotgun at a tea part. It just isn't working.