August 16th, 2010

Macbeth the Usurper

Weekend Wrap

On Saturday, we went up to the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair. We had a time riding the rides. Hers Truly finally got to ride a Ferris wheel. I took some time and rode the four-story high swings. (That ride was too short).

On Saturday night, we had dinner with Liz and Phil.

On Sunday, the D&D game was a cancel. I was the only show. I hate wasting my time and money driving to Baltimore for no game.

On Sunday, I wrapped up the campaign mode for HoMM5. The end cut-scenes had too many plot twists for my taste. Note that I played on easy mode. I was in no mood for a challenge. Note also that I still found some scenarios difficult, obscure, or damned frustrating.

My favorite maps were the ones that had no enemy, and I could just take my time wandering about. My least favorite map was the Wizard one where I literally had to fight one enemy hero every-other round and could never actually explore-expand anywhere. It was frustrating.

A big change in this version of HoMM5 was chests. Chests give you a choice of XP or Gold. In previous versions, I always took the XP. Always. In this version, I would take XP at very low levels, but then switch to taking gold at medium levels. XP didn't give enough payback. In fact, this is the most gold-starved version of the game that I ever played. I really liked that improvement.

The plot is nothing to talk about. It was a fairly trite story.